Task books are given under signature to every learner from the Submarine Training School (SMTS). It is a measure in verifying that what was taught theoretically can be put into practice onboard. The task books are monitored by the SMTS on a two-weekly basis. Progress reports are sent out to all relevant Commanding Officers (OC) and SOSM which reflects the individual progress made by each member. Once the task book is complete a formal board is conducted. On completion of the board, the OC of the submarine in which he was evaluated signs the “Completion Certificate” and a certificate is issued via the SMTS.

Due to the different mustering of submariners, career paths will differ considerably

The following table contains some of the learning opportunities scheduled for a year

Casing Sentry Course

GSK 1/ Submarine Escape Course

Submarine Mechanical Part 2

Submarine Electrical Part 2

Submarine Combat Information Centre Part 2

Submarine Mechanical Part 3

Submarine Electrical Part 3

Submarine Combat Information Centre Part 1 through 4

Diving Safety Officers Learning Opportunity

Submarine Warfare Officer's Part 1 through 4

Submarine Engineer Officer's Part 1 through 3




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