Navy News, the official magazine of the South African Navy, has come a long way since June 1966, when the magazine ran for a while as a 10-page black & white newspaper. Navy News re-emerged in its current A4 format in 1982 and has earned itself a reputation among similar magazines internationally and as the top naval magazine in Southern Africa. The magazine is a glossy A4 colour magazine with a minimum of 36 pages and is published bi-monthly.

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According to our Navy News constitution, we are mandated to:

  • Produce an effective communication medium for the Chief of the SA Navy.

  • Remain the leading naval reference (sharp-end of the navy is key) through continual growth, lack of bias, professionalism and creative vision.

  • maximise internal communication within the SA Navy

  • promote morale and esprit de corps within the SA Navy.

  • promote a positive image of the SA Navy

  • maintain a publication of high standard of which all subscribers will be justifiably proud.

Navy News constantly strives to live up to and improve on the expectations of our target audience. To this end we have introduced:

  • Photo Competition

  • Letter Competition

  • Archives

  • Nautical origins of common expressions

  • Navy News Freelancers (predominantly serving on board SA Navy vessels) who will provide more sharp-end content.

What’s new?

  • Photo gallery - Readers are invited to submit their best photo for publication.

Advertising in the Navy News Magazine

The production and mailing costs of Navy News Magazine are carried entirely by the subscription and advertising revenues raised.

Our magazine is a A4 glossy with a minimum of 36 pages, produced every two months (6 editions per year). Our No 6 (end of year) is often a bumper edition (which could include extra pages, an insert or a calendar etc) should the first edition of the year not include a calendar.

We have a regular print run of approximately 6000, which we distribute to subscribers and a number of maritime-related institutions locally, nationally and internationally including current foreign attachés and SA embassies heads of various Government departments, libraries and other selected stakeholders.

Some of our advertisers purchase extra magazines, which they distribute to business acquaintances, friends and family and our hotel advertisers place copies in their rooms for guests. Back copies are placed in the SA Naval Museum and the Naval a Public Relations department hands out backdated magazines when they conduct tours of the Naval Base at Simon’s Town. Our magazine is also advertised and sold at festivals and exhibitions. Don’t hesitate to phone should you require further information.

How to get material to us for publication

Navy News welcomes your opinion and contributions and we'd love to hear from you! Send us your articles, letters, competition entries as well as photographs (please send us your ORIGINAL JPG photos or PDF at a file size of at LEAST 350 Kb to 700Kb) to the Editor, any way you can.

Our contact details are:

Editor: Mr Gert Witbooi - 021 787 4812
Deputy Editor: WO2 Byron Lombard – 021 787 4808
Chief Photographer/Journalist: CPO JP Grant  - 021 787 4607
Advertising: AB Warren Dharamalingam - 021 787 4808
Graphic Art: Ms Karen Kilpatrick - 021 787 4807
Distribution: (update addresses/new subscriptions etc.): CPO Randall Peregrino - 021 787 4618

  • Telephone: +27 21 787 4607
  • Facsimile: +27 21 787 4809
  • E-mail:
  • Postal Address: Private Bag X1, Simon’s Town, 7995
  • Physical address: Building 462, West Yard, Naval Base Simon’s Town.

All contributions will be credited. (Please note the disclaimer at the foot of our contents page with regard to anonymity, however.)





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