SAS IMMORTELLE Division’s Parade

Article and Pictures by AB Reneilwe Mokoka

Division’s parades are held to present and honour members who work with determination to complete their duties. Officer Commanding SAS IMMORTELLE, Cdr C.O. Mnisi, held OC’s divisions parade at Naval Mess Pretoria on 11 May 2018. He presented certificates and letters of appreciation, and he expressed his gratitude to members who work hard and show determination under his leadership. He said “It is a great pleasure and honour to receive letters of appreciation from other units recognising the hard work from members under my Unit, as the OC I feel very proud to know that am leading members who are disciplined and determined to do their work with pride and execute it with diligence”.

AB Modise receiving a letter of appreciation from Officer Commanding SAS IMMORTELLE, Cdr C.O. Mnisi.

In his speech he highlighted to the ship’s company the objectives that he set out and that he would like the Unit to focus on. These are discipline, dress and bearing and focusing on safety and security in the unit. He further praised members of the Unit for executing their administration well and hosting dignitaries from other countries with excellence. He pledged all to work together and build each other in order to achieve this objectives and overcome challenges.

Cdr C.O. Mnisi handing Mrs Nkuna a letter of appreciation for her support at the Naval Mess Pretoria

Mr H. Parker, Area Marketing Manager from Liberty Life, giving a presentation on finances

Cdr C.O. Mnisi was the Executive Officer SAS IMMORTELLE for six years before he was appointed as the Officer Commanding SAS IMMORTELLE. When asked how he copes with change, challenges, fitness, studies and being a family man:

“I feel blessed working in the same unit as XO and now OC. Being appointed as the Officer Commanding came with a lot of responsibility as you have to oversee everything but with the support from members of the unit, top management and my wife at home it becomes bearable. I am currently studying Masters of Business Administration, and when it comes to fitness I think God has blessed me with good genes. I walk for 5km or more every day, and only eat twice a day”.

SAS IMMORTELLE Ships Company during the reading of the Code of Conduct.

PO Mbete receiving a letter of appreciation on behalf of hospitality department

Amongst members who received certificates was CPO T.S. Morake who works in the HR department. He received a Grievance Course Certificate and he encouraged everyone in HR to use the opportunity and attend the course as it will benefit and make their work easier.

AB J.T. Modise said “receiving the appreciation letter from the Master of the Unit means a lot because it is showing that our leaders notice and appreciate the effort we put our work. It improves the morale of us Junior Ratings knowing that what we do is recognised and appreciated.

Members who received letters of appreciation:

1. PO K.T. Mbete on behalf of Hospitality Department
2. Mrs Nkuna
3. AB K. Kowa
4. AB T.J. Modise