New French Defence Attaché visits Chief of the South African Navy

Article by PO Nkululeko Zulu
Photos by LS Tembalihle Zekevu

France and South Africa share common objectives in the Southern area of the Indian Ocean so French and South African Maritime Forces hold joint maritime exercises, to enhance cooperation and operational interoperability.

Chief of the Navy, Vice Admiral Hlongwane welcomes the incoming French Defence Attaché Colonel Ducret.

After serving three years as France’s Defence Attaché in South Africa Colonel Jean-Marie Monot handed over to Colonel Ducret who was introduced to Chief of the Navy, Vice Admiral M.S. Hlongwane on 9 August 2017 at Navy Headquarters. Colonel Jean-Marie Monot described his tenure as an honour and privilege, “I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of this magnificent country” he said. His most memorable moments include his various interactions with a host of dignitaries from the country and abroad. He mostly stayed in the country with his wife and was occasionally visited by his two daughters. Colonel Jean-Marie Monot’s new post is at the Airforce Academy.

Chief of the Navy, Vice Admiral Hlongwane welcomes outgoing French Defence Attaché Colonel Jean-Marie Monot

Chief of the Navy discusses the nuances of South African culture

The new French DA, Colonel Ducret expressed honour to be bestowed this positing and pledged to continue where his compatriot left off.