The French Naval Ship FNS LE MALIN second visit to Durban

Article and Photos by: Z Noqazo (PRO Intern)

The French patrol vessel FNS Le Malin paid a courtesy call to Durban from 11 to 15 February 2017. Le Malin known as the “destroyer” of the French Navy served during the Second World War. The ship is assigned with maritime surveillance and protection in its home, the La Reunion. She performs public service missions in the southern area of the Indian Ocean, because of its large storage capacity and is suitable for accommodating crew members.

Lieutenant Commander Nicolas Flury, Officer Commanding (OC) FNS Le Malin hands over a crest to the Harbour Master, Captain Alex Miya.

On the 13th of February Captain Arnaut Lacote, French Naval Attache’ together with Lieutenant Commander Nicolas Flury the Officer Commanding FNS Le Malin and his crew paid a courtesy call to the Harbour Master, Captain Alex Miya. The Harbour Master showed his warm welcome to the French as they exchange gifts. The French proceeded to the high court for a courtesy call to the Deputy Judge President I. Madondo. It is customary, as well as an old age naval tradition that the ship’s captain pays a courtesy call to senior dignitaries of the hosting city. This normally entails a short social call where the captain of the ship introduces himself and then handover a gift as a token of peace and goodwill.

Deputy Judge President, I Madondo received a gift from OC FNS Le Malin

Deputy Mayor CLLR Fawzia Peer hand over a gift to the OC FNS Le Malin

14 February 2017 the French Naval Attache’, the Officer Commanding of the French Naval Ship FNS Le Malin together with Mr. Brice Sardain, Vice-Consul General and Mr. Alexandre Cornet, visited the South African Air Force Base Durban. Oryx Commander, Major Altdaf Sheik welcomed the visitors and gave them a briefing. The highlight of the day was a tour of Durban on an ORYX MTH. After the visit to the Air Force the French headed to the Mayor’s office, where they were welcomed by Deputy Mayor, CLLR Fawzia Peer, and gifts were exchanged.

Later on the day Naval Base Durban Officers, Patrol Squadron Officers and FNS Le Malin Officers attended the function at the Dockyard Arms Bar. Commander D.Jones addressed the guests and staff recognizing the French Embassy, expressing how honoured Naval Base Durban is to have them in Durban. The lunch ended well, wishing the FNS Le Malin a safe passage back home.

A/OC Naval Base Durban Commander D Jones, welcoming members from FNS Le Malin at the function.