Arrival of the HMS CLYDE (P257)

Article and photos by Able Seaman Jason Warren Bland

23 December 2016

The HMS CLYDE (P257), a River-class patrol vessel from the United Kingdom, has come to South Africa as a port call to replenish their ship. The ship will be visiting the SA Navy in Simonís Town from 23 December 2016 to 20 February 2017. The HMS CLYDE patrols around the Falkland Islands while also visiting other British Overseas Territories on a regular basis.

SAS IMVUBU bringing HMS CLYDE in to be berthed

The ship is the tenth ship in the Royal Navy to bear the name. She was launched in Portsmouth Naval Base on 14 June 2006 by VT Group shipbuilders and is the fourth vessel fitted with the characteristics as mentioned below to the Tyne River-class ships. The HMS CLYDE has also assisted in the rescue of 347 passengers and crew from a cruise ship on 18 November 2015, after an engine room fire on board the cruise ship.

The HMS CLYDE coming alongside in Simonís Town

General Characteristics

Class and type River-class Patrol Vessel
Displacement 1850 to 2000 tonnes
Length 81,5 meters
Beam 13,5 meters
Propulsion Two Ruston 12RK 27 engines developing 4,125 kW (5,532 hp) at 1000 rpm
Speed 21 kn (39 km/h)
Range 5,500 nmi (10,200 km)
Endurance 21 days
Boats & landing craft 1 x Pacific 22 Rib
1 x Rigid Raider
Troops 20
Complement 36
Armament 1 x 30 mm DS30B gun
2 x Miniguns
5 x General purpose machine guns
Aviation facilities Merlin-capable flight deck


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