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Dress 4 Action Working Dress, Variations, Position of Side Cap
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International law requires commissioned warships to carry the distinguishing marks of the nation that they represent. It further states that the crew of such a warship must be subject to the military discipline of that navy. Our constitution further requires us to be a disciplined military force. The wearing of the correct uniform, inclusive of those authorised badges of rank, proficiency and merit badges and medals, is what distinguishes us as part of the SA Navy and thus as part of the disciplined SA National Defence Force. We wear our uniform with pride in a manner, which makes it clear that we are professional and competent, desirous in proving to our nation that we represent their will and resolve.

This brochure, our second in the present series, aims at making it possible for every man and woman, serving in the SA Navy, to wear his or her uniform with pride, correctly, and thus to represent the SA Navy in a manner befitting a disciplined, modern and technologically advanced navy.

My appreciation, as the Chairperson of the Navy Dress Regulation Committee, is also conveyed by means of these few words to the members of my committee, Cdr M.A.S. Denman, the models and in fact all those who positively assisted in making this brochure a reality.

I hereby charge all members of the SA Navy to go out and wear their uniforms with pride and in accordance with the prescripts and examples contained in this magnificent document.